Some of the workshops previousely at
Summerschool Den Haag

Sara Eren in Human Figures. (C) Dance Works Rotterdam - picture by Robert Benschop




Exploring Ton Simons’ repertory for Dance Works Rotterdam with: Sara Erens
Human Figures &  (P)art-Trap/Time Remix
by: Sara Erens

Get a real taste of Dance Works Rotterdam. This company performs contemporary dance at the forefront of the contemporary (inter)national dance scene. Backbone of the company’s repertory are works by renowned choreographer and artistic director Ton Simons. In this workshop dancer Sara Erens will guide you (one step at a time) through segments from two choreographies by Simons: Human Figures and (P)art-Trap/Time Remix.  

Sara Erens danced with the company for seven years. She performed many choreographies by Ton Simons a.o. (P)art-Trap/Time Remix - world premiere 3 November 2005, Rotterdamse Schouwburg and: Human Figures - world premiere 10 October 2006, Rotterdamse Schouwburg


Summerschool Den Haag 2007 with: classical repertoire for amateur students Picture by: Marcha de Bie

The Sleeping Beauty Guide
Classical repertory for the intermediate student
by: Mirella Simoncini
1-day (1x 90 min.)

Marius Petipa, the "father of classical ballet," born in 1819 created approximately fifty ballets a.o: Swan Lake and Cinderella. Sleeping Beauty by Petipa was first performed in 1890 in St. Petersburg. While the students will dance several parts of Sleeping Beauty, developing musicality and technical skills, it is also an opportunity to meet other students that love to dance.

A guide through the romantic ballet: the Sleeping Beauty. The emphasis is on the pleasure of dancing famous classical ballet and learning repertoire in a professional atmosphere.


Amos Ben-Tal

New Generation - Hidden Movements Uncovered
by: Amos Ben-Tal
Level: Intermediate till Advanced
Duration: 2-days (2x 120 min.)

Meet and learn from the new generation of choreographic talents. This workshop is a fun moving contemporary dance-challenge.

Amos Ben-Tal, working and dancing a.o. with the Nederlands Dans Theater and KORZO Productions, will give you a fresh approach on how to learn choreography in new and exciting ways, how to broaden your range of movement and find your personal 'voice' as a dancer.

The works created by Amos Ben-Tal, have been described by the press as an 'exhilarating theatrical experience'.


Technical Development - Where’s my Turn-Out?

Essential workshop incl. Floorbarre
by: Leila Kester
Duration: 1-day (1x 90 min.)

How can I use my maximum turn-out efficiently? Does it all have to come from the hips, or can I cheat? And what exercises can I do to improve? Find your answer in this workshop!

Turn-out, or en-dehors is the ability of a dancer to turn out legs and feet from the hip joints. It is the essential principle of the classical dance giving a dancer freedom of movement in every direction.

Leila Kester will help you to understand where the strength and movement is coming from and how your personal turn out could be improved.


Technical Development – How to Reach a Beautiful Arabesque

Essential workshop incl. Pilates
by: Leila Kester
Duration: 1-day (1x 90 min.)

If you want to improve your arabesque; this workshop will focus on technical uderstanding and personal developement for each body part you need. Including various exercises to get your back stronger, and to improve the flexibility of your spine.

Arabesque is a basic pose in ballet and is one of the most difficult positions to master. It requires a great deal of strength and balance. It is one of the positions that shows just how much technical understanding  a student really has.

A developed arabesque is quite a beautiful sight when at it’s full potential. Guided by Leila Kester you will find out if and how a beautiful arabesque is within your reach.