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Het Nationale Ballet: www.het-ballet.nl - Igone de Jongh on stage (R) and in Coppelia (L)
Photographer: Angela Sterling

Before the curtain call with Igone de Jongh
Romantic Ballet

LEVEL: Advanced / Prof.
Girls Only
1-day (1x 180 min. incl. Balletclass)
Repertoire (90 min.) by: Igone de Jongh
Balletclass (75 min.) by: Mirella Simoncini
Pointes (15 min.) by: Mirella Simoncini

Repertoire special with Igone de Jongh, principal Dancer with the
Dutch National Ballet, awarded with the Arnold Haskell Award,
Incentive Prize 2002 (Dansersfonds '79), the Alexandra Radius
prize and portrayed as muse of the renowned choreographer Hans van Manen.
She danced a.o. the leading role in romantic repertoire such as: Romeo and Juliet, Giselle, Swan Lake, Cinderella, Nutcracker and Mouseking, The Sleeping Beauty, La Sylphide and Bayadere.

Rambert: Scribblings by Doug Varone - Photographer: Renaud Wiser

Creating the Rambert Way
Starting point of a Choreography at Rambert Dance Company with Malgorzata Dzierzon

LEVEL: Intermediate > Interm./Adv.
2-day (2x 90 min.)

Be part of a true choreographic session directed and coached by
Malgorzata Dzierzon, dancer with Britain's National Company for
contemporary dance.
Today's dancers are able to operate in a different movement
“language” every time a new choreographer arrives.
To make you feel like a Rambert dancer, Dzierzon will let you experience how to be a creative collaborator when a new choreography is created. She will demonstrate how different tools, tasks and elements of improvisation can develop your own movement imagination.

Photographer: Philipp Stummer

Humanity within...
Excerpts of works by Itzik Galili with Elisabeth Gibiat

LEVEL: Interm./Adv. > Prof.
2-days (2x 150 min. incl. 2 Balletclasses)
Galili Repertoire (90 min.) by: Elisabeth Gibiat
Class (60 min.) by: Mirella Simoncini

Under the thoughtful guidance of Elisabeth Gibiat you are being
challenged to undergo the process that is needed to realize and
execute the works created by Itzik Galili.

The award winning choreographer Itzik Galili has been based in The Netherlands since 1991.
Gibiat has been at his side as assistant and rehearsal director for 11 years.
Helping you to get a better understanding within all areas, body, mind and dance-technique, Gibiat will lead you through a small selection of the repertoire during this workshop.

Repertoire rehearsal - Photographer: Robert Benschop

A Swan Lake Rehearsal
Swan Lake for intermediate Students by: Mirella Simoncini

LEVEL: Intermediate
Girls Only
1-day (1x 90 min.)

Wouldn’t it be great to imagine for one sweet moment in time, to be
one of those dancers having an actual rehearsal of Swan Lake?
This Summer it will be possible.

This stunning and famous ballet has been performed for almost 150 years. Rehearsals for the very first performance in Moscow began in March 1876 and went on for almost a year.
Under the direction of Mirella Simoncini you will have a 90 minutes rehearsal-experience as if you are a professional dancer getting ready to perform Swan Lake.
The original choreography (after Petipa and Ivanov) will be adjusted to a suitable amateur-level for the intermediate student in ballet.

Photographers: Jan Sevcík (picture L) Zoran Lesic (picture R)

Striking Rhythms & Funny Figures
World Dance by Iva Lešić from the International Dance Theatre

LEVEL: Intermediate > Interm. / Adv.
1-day (1x 90 min.)

Catch dance movements and traditional dance techniques inherited
through human expression at its purest form: World Dance.

During this workshop Iva Lešić will take you through the beautiful and
surprising landscape of dance from different corners of the globe
You may well find passion and eloquence in Armenian Dance or recognize legend and folklore in Asian Dance and learn some funny percussive moves from Eastern Europe!

Lešić has been an important dancer for more than a decade at the International Dance Theatre. Don’t be surprised if she makes you hit upon unexpected clever and striking rhythms in your body.