Some of the workshops previousely at
Summerschool Den Haag

Photography: Giselle by the State Theatre of Košice.

Dashing and Delightful
Giselle from Slovakia
Heart Warming and simple charactere dance
(from the State Theatre of Košice)
by: Natalia Horecna

Bijzonder stukje dans van Natalia Horecna. Zij danst bij Nederlands Dans Theater I en werd uitgenodigd mee te werken aan de nieuwe alternatieve Giselle door het Nationale gezelschap van haar thuisland, Slowakije. Ze creëerde een simpele maar verleidelijke Giselle solo met caractčre en ballet invloeden inclusief de herkenbare prachtige armbewegingen van Horecna.

Straight from the main city of eastern Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Kosice comes this charming warm-hearted character-ballet dance for 'a different' Giselle. Especially created for the State Theatre of Košice by one of the dancers at the Netherlands Dans Theatre I: Natalia Horecna. Delightful and dashing; use of music and characteristic movements explained by Horecna is an enchanting experience. This workhop will indulge passion for dance using simple ballet and charactere (caractčre) dance-steps.

The premiere of Giselle by the Ballet of Košice State Theatre was in March 2009. Five choreographers contributed including Ondrej Šoth, Juraj Kubánka and Natália Horečná.


Philipp Stummer dancing at Galili Dance


Creating from the inside -
choreography experience

By: Philipp Stummer (Galili Dance)

In between being on the road with Galili Dance; choreographer and dancer Philipp Stummer produced this 2-day workshop especially for SUMMERSCHOOL - Den Haag.

The goal was to let the students find out how a dancer is part of the creating process.
As Stummer loves to be working from his personal and professional experience on stage and off stage! The creating and dancing has to come from within.


Repertoire workshop for Young Professionals Summerschool Den Haag 2008. Dancers: Nancy and Mercedes (students at Nationale Balletacademie Amsterdam).

Classical Repertory
Repertoire Intensive for the Young Professional
by: Mirella Simoncini

Previousely in Summerschool: Swan Lake, Giselle,  Le Corsaire Pas de Trois of the Odalisques

Simoncini has been teaching classical repertoire for several years. Working with freelance dancers, young professionals and students attending the (inter)national vocational dance schools in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and France, Poland, and England. During Repertoire Intensive, Mirella Simoncini will be working with a small group of young professionals -  coaching them into each variation with personal attention for technique, pleasure and mental development.

Regarding strength and physical condition of young(er) students, each choreography will be adjusted to a suitable level.

Summer 2009: Pas de trois des Odalisques
Sparkling, gracious and enjoyable... For the first time in 2009; Summerschool Den Haag presented a special with Le Corsaires;
Pas de trois des Odalisques.
Originally this part consisted only of Adolphe Adam's waltz.
In 1858 the Pas des Odalisques from act II of Le Corsaire was expanded into a classical pas de trois, consisting of an entrée (being Adam's original waltz), 3 variations, and a coda.
Today the Pas de trois des odalisques is one of the most famous and performed excerpts from the full-length work.
In this workshop students will learn the variations of First, Second and Third Odalisque.

For amateur students Summerschool Den Haag offers a 1-day workshop.
Previousely with variations and corps de ballet work straight from the original Swan Lake after Petipa/Ivanov.
Giselle after Perrot and Coralli and a Sleeping Beauty special after Marius Petipa.


Contemporary repertoire experience

by: Keith-Derrick Randolph (a.o. Scapino Ballet)

Choreography is so much more than just technique. In this two-day workshop dancers would receive a personal and thoughtfull choreography experience through the artistic and professional approach by Keith-Derrick Randolph. Discovering how to find the right timing and use technique and emotion to create beautifull, surprising figures in dance-movements and in your own body.


Taste, feel and dance repertoire
from all over the globe
Company repertoire; International Dance Theatre
by Iva Lesić
Students level: intermediate/advanced

Young students Marianna and Doke with Lesić - Summerschool Den Haag 2004

This workshop gave students the opportunity to use their classical basic knowledge to experience colourful repertoire.Iva Lesic is at present dancer at The International Dance Theatre. This is the only professional dance company in the world which commits itself to repertoire from all over the globe.

Lesic has been teaching company repertoire several times at Summerrschool. Find a report (in Dutch) here about the first time this workshop was held in July 2004



You Can Dance
Easy Choreography for Beginners
by Mabel Alter

Suitable for all students level: basic / intermediate

Every year Summerschool will have workshops available for beginners and intermediate students. One of the most appreciated teachers for these workshops is Mabel Alter. With her strong sense for musicality - students with or without technical skills, will find great pleasure in dancing one of her Ballet Choreographies.
In her workshops, Mabel Alter used a.o. The Panther (a short choreography originally made by her in 1981 The Circus Ballet) and a recent choreography inspired and made on the beautiful soundtrack from 'Hable con ella'.