Some of the workshops previousely at
Summerschool Den Haag

The highly acclaimed piece ‘She was Black’ from 1995 is about mystical doors and openings to another world, about the interior and the urban. Mats Ek wanted to reconnect with the lyrical concept after making modern interpretations of classical ballets such as Carmen and Swanlake, now without the heavy narrative. The interaction between these two approaches of dance (lyrical and narrative) is of upmost importance to Ek. His language sheds light on the darkness inside us all.

Cullberg Ballet Picture by: Lesley Leslie-Spinks.

Cullberg Ballet
At the frontline of Modern Dance
Mats Ek’s She was Black
By: Lisa Drake

Coming straight out of Sweden: Lisa Drake, at present rehearsal director with Cullberg Ballet, will teach you how to dance the work that was created by renowned choreographer Mats Ek.

Cullberg Ballet has always been characterized by strong stage personalities and technical strength of the dancers. Lisa Drake, will help you understand how technique and personality come together in Mats Ek’s ‘She Was Black’.

Cullberg Ballet is in its fifth decade. The ensemble has performed in more than forty countries and is an important cultural ambassador for Sweden. Over the past ten years the company has appeared in as many productions abroad as in Sweden and presented highly acclaimed performances all over the world. The composition of the ensemble has been international since its inception.


Bruce Michelson

An Introduction to Galili repertoire
the Characterisation of Nana
1-day workshop
by Bruce Michelson

Bringing to life the characterisation of Nana and other personalities in this mini workshop. Suitable for basic level students. Learning about body language and the importance of small and big gestures on stage.
Through Nana’s Eyes
Itzik Galili repertory
2-day workshop
by Bruce Michelson

For advanced and professional level students, this workshop is focused on the physical (technical) part of the piece.
“Through Nana’s Eyes” describes urban life as seen by a woman. It was made for the Gulbenkian Ballet in 1995, and as rehearsal director and balletmaster for Gulbenkian, Bruce Michelson was responsible for the first complete version. The piece has been performed by different international companies and in the Netherlands, it was in the repertoire of Galili’s company, Galili Dance. A special version was created for the 1998 Holland Dance Festival featuring famous Dutch older dancers.

“Through Nana’s Eyes” became one of the most popular pieces by Itzik Galili. As assistant to Galili, Michelson traveled to Russia, Sweden and the Czech Republic to teach and remount the work of this award winning choreographer.


Day - Solo for a Dancer
by: Fabienne Vegt
Music: Where the Wild Roses Grow by Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue
Choreography: Natalia Horecna

Inspired by Nick Cave’s ‘Where the Wild Roses Grow’ music and dance are made for each other in this short piece. Created by Natalia Horecna (NDT I) for Fabienne Vegt (NDT II) for the Nederlands Dans Theater performance Switch in January 2010.
Fine mixture of classical and contemporary moves. Learn about simplicity, possibility and meaning in each movement. Young dancer Fabienne Vegt will share her experience on stage and off stage in this mini workshop.

A story about Beauty and Darkness…

Especially suitable for the intermediate classical student with not so much, or no experience at all in contemporary dance.


The Secret World of Musical Dance

Ballet vs Musical
by: Sabrina Vis

Step into the world of musical-dance, learn fun-dance steps, use of music and use of personal space. Find out how and why classical ballet technique is useful to be able to move your body into any dance style.

You will learn how to show personality, find the power in jumps and turns and use maximum energy in a musical-style choreography phrase. As a Dance Captain for the Musical Tarzan, Sabrina Vis has been guide and superviser at musical-auditions for Joop van den Ende. This musical experience workshop is suitable for all intermediate and advanced level students.